The Sea Lies After Death is a serial, updated Fridays, which follows the journey of Vera Langstrom, a wife, mother, and grandmother who happens to be dead. Unfortunately, she has found the afterlife a less than welcoming place, and is struggling to find a place to put down her ghostly roots.

The serial is, and always will be, free. It updates weekly on this blog (subscribe) and will be published for ereaders in 10-20 chapter volumes on Smashwords and Amazon.

My name is Aubra Penner. I'm working on several novels at the moment, and also living and studying abroad. This serial is the result of a crazy idea that came to me in the madness shortly before I set off for this year long trip to Russia, while my first novel was going through the initial throes of the editorial process with Puddletown Publishing Group, and I obviously needed one more thing to do. I wanted to do something ongoing, free, and fun; I also wanted something challenging. I sent out a call for suggestions, and the internet answered.

Suggestions ranged from the very general (magic!) to the very specific (Her name is Tara, she has green hair, and she hates cats!), but the three elements that cropped up time and time again were, somewhat surprisingly: an older female hero, sea monsters, and ghosts.

I spent the length of a turbulent flight to Washington DC reconciling those factors, and then started writing. Thus came about the serial we know and love (or are beginning to know and love, at least) today.